How To Turn Your Mobile Food Business Into a Cash Flowing Machine!

Learn the framework I used to make over $5,000 a day vending my signature dish at festivals.

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Whether you already operate a mobile food business and need to increase revenue or you're interested in starting from scratch, we can help!

See the tools & proof below on how to vend your signature dish



VegNews to Vending Royalty: Meet the Culinary Visionary Turning Vending Food into an Empire!

Prepare to be dazzled by Nay Nicole-Harris , a true maestro of culinary excellence and the mastermind behind the Vending Like a Boss phenomenon. With an unwavering devotion to crafting tantalizing cuisines and an entrepreneurial prowess that knows no bounds, Nay has elevated the food vending industry to the realm of greatness.

Her journey has graced the illustrious pages of prestigious publications, casting a spotlight on her extraordinary approach and undeniable influence. From captivating discerning palates to captivating the attention of savvy investors, Nay's fusion of gastronomic brilliance and business acumen setting new standards.

You Will Learn How To...

Minimize and Create Your Menu For Maximum Sales

An overwhelming menu causes much confusion to your customers. Learn why less is more.

Master the Power of Pivoting and the Iterative Process

You will learn how my business has pivoted multiple times and the beauty of an iterative process.

Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition

We will walk you through on determining how you can stand out from the rest.

Research Analysis Tactics & Marketing Flows

Learn the importance of researching events and customers that fit your niche and market to that audience for sales.

Operational System To Move Your Line Fast & Efficiently

Learn about my #FLAF Method for a speedy yet efficient flow for you and your team.

Get Sales & Sell Out Everytime Like a Bo$$

Learn the ropes on how I consistently sell out and make over $5,000 from one vending event.

My #FLAF Method (dont worry, you will learn what this is on the LIVE class) helped my business scale from generating $1500 a day vending my signature dish to over $5,000 in sales in just one day of vending!

Check out some #receipts below...

Check out some photos of our award winning signature dish

'Loaded Rooted Nachos'.

They are a crowd favorite :-)

I also included photos of some of my team doing what we love.

Who Is Nay Nicole-Harris?

Nay is big on the power of manifestation and believes with strategic work, (notice I didn't say hard work), faith, and the right mindset, ANYTHING is possible. She has taken her small cottage kitchen business and transformed it into one of the most anticipated mobile food companies on the North East Coast.

In 2017, she started her brand, Rooted Delights and revolutionized the vegan food industry by creating the FIRST oat milk cheese product, making it readily available to major restaurants and grocery stores with no major backing.

Taking the same traction that she got from selling cheese, she transitioned her business into a cash flow machine by making mobile food vending the priority of her business model. Because of her innovative ways, she has managed to scale her mobile food business at a rapid speed, creating the perfect operating system.

She has over 9+ years of experience with food trucks, other mobile food businesses, fine dining, recipe and product development, marketing, and scaling a business.

Nay has won pitch competitions with rappers Chamillionaire and E-40 where thousands of small businesses pitched their brand and she's not new to this, she's true to this.

She has been featured in multiple magazines and podcasts for her innovative food product and brand.

With her #FLAF method, she has created a system where she generates $5,000+ in one day vending at festivals.

She has learned to invest her money from vending into real estate and expansive brand growth.

Are you ready to take your mobile food business to the next level with a PROVEN system? Attend the LIVE class & put my process to work! See ya' there!